Nishikiken Deals March.2021

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[Nishikiken Deals]
Enjoy and have a great weekend with your family. Experience ourJapanese food Products and visit our online store!
We can deliver any place within MetroManila even 1item! (free delivery minimum of P2500)

[New arrival]
○Chashu slice for ramen P100/100g
○Chashu bits for ramen&chahan P100/100g
○Real Squid ink from Italy P200/80g

●Nishikiken frozenTakoyaki ball 10pcs
P100 → P90! (10%Off)
●Ajinomoto frozen product 30% OFF!
Karaage P600→P420
Gyoza P600→P420
※This promo avail during Mar.5 to 11 2021.

We are open daily!
Mon - Sat / 8am to 6pm
Please contact anytime here and we are glad to accomodate your concerns.
Arigato gozaimasu!!:)