Air freight Fresh Seafoods from JAPAN!

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Fresh Seafoods from Japan! Direct delivery to your place in Metro Manila👍️ Philippines, Foods Dept.

Direct delivery to your place in Metro Manila. We give a detailed lecture on how to handle our products to our customers who purchase our products. 🐟️ Making your eating habits in the Philippines more convenient!




Our Air freight Schedule is every tue and friday. Inquire here 👍️




1. Tap Add to curt → Check out.

2.Fill out your information (Email, Cellphone number, Delivery Address.

3.Purchase "Air Freight Items List from Japan" for FREE (PHP0)

4.We send Items list to your Email!

5.Choose Items & Order (Our staff assist you about your ordering) 

6.We deliver Fresh Items to your place! 

7.Please purchase after you received items! 



※If you have any questions, kindly send message to

Email :

Viber : +63921-389-4372